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The cast and crew of Star Fury! know they are on the worst sci fi on television.

But they are hoping just hoping that they can stay on the air long enough to get to the holy land... ComicCon!

Want to enjoy the continued adventures of Westley, Buttercup, Montoya and the rest?

Then check out Inconceivable: the continuation of the Princess Bride Saga!

Wyatt is a pet psychic. Well, okay, he's not really a pet psychic but he has to pretend to be one to save his dying uncle's business.

And no matter how hard he tries, the animals always have the last word!

Well, it's here. The Zombie Apocalypse.

And there's good and bad news. Well, a lot of bad news, but if you happen to be gay, some good news.

You're immune to the virus.

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