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A group of gamer-gate girls head out for a night of fun at a horror escape room...

Until the horror becomes all too real.

They have an hour to answer 10 horror questions, or they die. Answer a questions wrong, and die.

Basically prepare to die a horrible, horrible death.


Imagine Masterchef, only all the contestants are cannibals.

So the Sudden Death Round becomes especially interesting!

And the appetizers? Well, I wouldn't ask where the pate came from, that's for sure!


A grief counseling group has gone off the rails and elected to form a suicide pact.

Everything is going according to plan until one of the members decides not to kill herself.

Unfortunately one of the members is a serial killer in the making and wants them to honor their pact, or prove to him why they should live.

They all thought they'd be dead by midnight, now they simply want to live until dawn.

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