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The paranormal action of Supernatural with the comedic team of Buffy, Rook has everything the genre fan wants!

Rook's job is to keep Heaven and Hell out of our crib!

The Black Death

Angelic Code

A Robin Hood Hacker

Can she crack an uncrackable code in time to save the world from a weaponized plague?

Black Star = Spies in Space.

The universe's fate hangs in the balance of Black Star's mission.

To find and capture the most destructive weapon in history!

A couple of married veterinarians try to make it through the day of abstinent bulls and terrifying Chihuahuas!


But now the tax man is after them. Can they clip enough toe nails to save their clinic?

When the Adenine Crisis hit, the only ones not affected were the off-world clones.

Now slaves, the Unborn are the only ones who can save mankind.

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