Reanimator x

Animal House

93 pages of Zombie Action

Poor, Bible-thumping Mary picked the wrong day to experiment with her sexuality.

While Jane always knew she was a lesbian slut, she wasn't expecting the zombie part...

These girls will eat you #forsure

Kill Bill x

95 Kick-Ass pages

When the Sex Bots decided they no longer liked their job, what else were they to become?

Now they are after the nepharious company that created them.

Ex Machina

Stranger Things x

Don't Breathe

92 pages of Terror

A secret born at the foot of the cross.

A Special Forces team led by a brilliant scientist.

Can science solve mankind's oldest mystery before the world is rend in two?

Poor orphaned Bella finally finds a decent foster home only to be kidnapped by "Momma" who is training her "children" to be obedient to "Papa."

But Bella doesn't play along like the other kids...

102 pages of action!

Hunt for Red October x


In a time when Russia is the enemy, Naval War Games stop being games, and start off what could be World War III.

Filled with intense Naval/military action and heroics!