Secret Garden x

Light Between Oceans

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During WWII, a father can't tell his heartbroken 5 yr old that her cat has died, so he lies and the adventures of Bootsie Goes to War, begins.

A sweet, poignant slice of state-side WWII

Free Willy x

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When an awkward 15yr old finds a dying sea otter pup, she panics and saves the poor baby.

The only problem? Her father is the Sheriff and the Fish & Game Director is after the otter!

Dolphin Tale

Middle School x

Computer wore tennis shoes

>50,000 copies sold

A secret born at the foot of the cross.

A Special Forces team led by a brilliant scientist.

Can science solve mankind's oldest mystery before the world is rend in two?

What's a teenage boy to do when his computer suddenly starts granting wishes?

Um, get into as much trouble as possible, as quickly as possible. #duh

Little Princess x

Home Alone

>50,000 copies sold

Orphans are seperate in the cruel streets of 1900s New York City. It is up to their beloved dog, Sophie, to save their family!

A feel good Christmas family film!