Saw x

Don't Breathe

>100,000 copies sold

Someone has thrown serial killers together in a dungeon to create a serial killer death match.

Which might sound fun as long as you aren't thrown in as Fresh Meat!

Scream x

Lights Out

>50,000 copies sold

A serial killer murdering in the manner of the martyred saints (and if you remember your Sunday School lessons, those were some grisly deaths).

And now a bunch of teens are heading to a remote island for a Goth rock Halloween party. Can you say, bad idea?

>50,000 copies sold

A movie that kills people?

Doesn't just scare them, but actually kills them.

How far will a studio go to cash in on the hype?

Urban Legend x


>50,000 copies sold!

Armageddon x

It's 2049 and precious gems have been found on the moon!

So it's another Rush! Only this time we all shoot for the moon!

Indiana Jones