Kiss the Girls x


>300,000 copies sold

A city's only hope of catching a mad man lies in an FBI profiler...recently released from a mental institution.

Brunettes should definitely beware!

Kiss the Girls x

>50,000 copies sold

A secret born at the foot of the cross.

A Special Forces team led by a brilliant scientist.

Can science solve mankind's oldest mystery before the world is rend in two?

Humpty Dumpty... the killer wants us to put him back together again.

Police find pieces of a single corpse, scattered around the country. Only a disgraced ex-FBI agent can catch him, but does he even want to?

Seven x

Girl on the Train

>150,000 copies sold

9 Circles of Hell, infinite ways to die when a serial killer decides to recreate Dante's vision here on Earth.

Can an autistic detective save the city before we reach the 9th circle?