Da Vinci Code x

Seal Team 6

>300,000 copies sold

A secret born at the foot of the cross.

A Special Forces team led by a brilliant scientist.

Can science solve mankind's oldest mystery before the world is rend in two?

Pre-sale Available!

The Allies needed to beat Hitler. Their secret weapon?

His Nazi Witch.

A dark look at Hitlers occultism.

Indiana Jones x

Hacksaw Ridge

>50,000 copies sold

Death Race 2000

When you are in a deadly motocycle race across a post-apocalyptic America, there are only 3 rules...




x The Purge

Techno -

Da Vinci Code

>150,000 copies sold

Can the Robin Hood Hacker crack the unbreakable Angelic Code in time to save humanity from a weaponized Black Plague?

Or will her FBI boyfriend be forced to stop her?

>50,000 copies sold!

James Bond x

James Bond is a pussy. Or at least according to Special Agent Valentine.

Valentine kicks ass and takes names across three continents.

Wonder Woman

>50,000 copies sold!

Jurassic World x

Selachii: A shark park. A fun and educational place to learn about sharks...until it isn't.

It turns out, sharks really are killing machines!