The Minds behind Driving While...

Writer/motivational speaker. Completely kick-ass, single black mom.



She's pasty white, but bi, so there's that.


Carolyn's Theatrical Reel

Let's face it. Racism is here. Zari McDonald, a single mom of four, sure knows it. She tries to counteract it with warmth and humor, but isn't always that successful.

Heralded as this generation's All in the Family, Driving While... tackles the big issues of the day, with enough laughter to remind us we're all just human.

What people are saying about Driving While...

"Brilliant. Topical. Edgy."

"Strong, engaging, diverse characters."

"Once in a lifetime role for Zari."

"Hysterical yet poignant. Comedy at its most real."

Many people ask us where we see the series in 3 years. Unfortunately there are so many injustices in the world, we could be on for 10 seasons and only scratch the surface of the situations minorities in this country face.


Below is a super brief list of situations we could cover, plus we want to stay topical so could jump on emerging issues such as the recent #MeToo viral hashtag.

1. the missing "red" woman/girl problem.   2. playing roulette with health insurance

3. gun control                                              4. Income inequality

5. girl vs boy dress codes                           6. Institutional racism

7.hiring inequity                                           8. Credit inequity

9. Bi-racial dating                                       10. Activism vs Extremism

11. trans rights or lack thereof                    12. Color bias amongst ethnic pops

13. Liberal vs progressive                           14. Muslim prejudice

15. Stereotypes vs norms                            16. Counteracting helplessness

17. Suicide prevention                                 18. Wealth redistribution